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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  January 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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m tracking how long this warm-upast. re: tragedy on a boston street. a man hit and killed by a snow plow. where the investigation stands right now. >> from boston' s news news leader -- reid: high tide after the storm. as the remnants of a massive blizzard blowout to see and a snow jackpot left behind on the cape. 15 inches on the ground in some places for the spots i did get hit in the state sunday turned into cleanup day. thanks for taking the time with us afternoon. some incredible numbers are still being tabulated tonight. we begin with stormteam 5' s mike wankum. mike: we know it was a blizzard the mid-atlantic region but it goes down as an official blizzard cape. . drifting all over the place. the jackpot for snow over the cpae. sandwich picking up 12 inches of snow.
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woods hole 13.5 inches. you travel north of the city and you' re saying, what snow? an inch or two in some locations. what is the issue we have going on tonight? check out the temperatures. there are spots that have dropped off into the 20' s. any melting is starting to re-freeze. 24 degrees in norwood. as you head towards the cape, we are seeing a lot of temperatures drop off into the 20' s. the cloud cover were clear way as a talk about tomorrow. as it moves on through, that will allow us to get plenty of sunshine into the forecast tomorrow. that is the way the map looks at 5:00 a.m. the day as revolving round sunshine. we warm things back up in the 30' s. plenty of melting. also a chance of some -- a time on the in a few moments. reid: cape cod, the snow jackpot zone. nicole is live in falmouth where
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nicole: quite a different look down here than you are seeing in the boston area. cars buried in snow. the probably that if you have not brush them off, that' s no gets harder as time goes on. 15 inches falling in these falmouth. >> herew e go again. nicole: strong winds and blinding snow missed most of the boston area but left a mark on the cape. >> oh, no, another winter. i cannot stand it anymore. nicole: falmouth seemed to hit the jackpot when it came to totals -- 15 inches here. >> we did some shoveling. nicole: most jackpots involved lock and we were hard-pressed to find anyone feeling lucky. >> visibility was zero. i was trying to plow. that is my truck. it just was horrible. nicole: with december feeling maybe winter might take a break this year. we had at last year. he we are again.
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lining to last year year snowfall in this neighborhood we have seen several new snow blowers. lessons certainly learned. reid: plenty of wave action at high tide this morning. take a look - there was splash over along the coastal roads. by midafternoon, the situation had calmed. more action on the south shore. each is in plymouth seeing some splash over. rhondella richardson joining us live in plymouth where residents are glad the worst is over. rhondella: we had about 11 inches of snow in plymouth overnight. take a look at the moon. we are at the birds landing area and what you do not see is any of that snow -- at the burt' s landing area. when we do have in the storm, look at all that flooding. minor flooding in the parking lot. there is still plenty of splash over by long beach in plymouth. the seas were angry.
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wall. >> we have had a lot worse. it was easy this time. rhondella: the landmark more scenic with a blanket of snow. saturday nights blizzard conditions hit marshfield, plymouth and the island. snow piled up in plymouth but the wind is what everyone is talking about. were you worried with the forecast? >> the wind last night. we would lose some trees and lines but we lucked out. did not want to go out. >> almost white out conditions. roads were slippery. rhondella: everyone digging out realizes the storm could be much worse. the roads were quickly cleared. >> i can deal with this. >> hard on the sidewalks. be careful. step in the streets, people are not watching. >> cold but enjoyed it. mother nature is really fun. rhondella: so often during the
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pound boulder when in the middle of birds restaurant 00 s restaurant. of the worst. reid: during storm cleanup and killed by a snowplow. the victim believed to be hit. julie mcdonald joining us in this investigation. us this evening they are still actively investigating this morning' s deadly crash. still not releasing the name of that man and his 60' s it was killed right here. the crash of it around 1 1:15 this morning. as the team investigated, two blocks close down for hours. >> any time we have an exit like this, following up a snowstorm, it is tragic. reporter: a gruesome accident on dorchester avenue this mroni
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his 60' s. a shovel could be seen. >> it is a tragic accident. unclear as to what happened. was shining brightly down the street. again, the accident reconstruction team will of things. reporter: boston police told newscenter 5 the plow driver was cooperative and no charges have been filed. witnesses described to belize what they saw but investigators are still working to these together exactly what happened. >> if anyone in the area that have been to see something, please help us out. reporter: i did call -- engineering of waltham to find out if they were releasing details about that driver or a statement about this tragedy. the woman i spoke with on their answering service said she had no further information to release. reid: right now whitney man is accused of driving under the influence and firing shots at a
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at the driver on rocky hill road. the driver was not hurt. bowlers did not damage anything. police are still investigating what sparked it. local clean up in our area is nothing compared to those south of us. this is what they are dealing with in washington, d.c. their streets look like ours from last year some help in massachusetts i on the way. they arrives this afternoon ready to clear feet of snow in d.c. d.c. is not used to this weather. >> they are not set up for it. re people are not used to this type of work, the hours and they do not have the proper equipment. reid: same crews spent a week in washington back in 2010 went to storms dumped 40 inches of snow. brockton police have a suspect
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and causing a chain reaction crash after this afternoon at the pleasant street and route 27. the suspects suv' s hit multiple cars. complete and investigation continues. new york digging out from the blizzard of 2016. how quickly the big apple bouncing back from a monster storm. we' re going to take you to d.c. why it' s going to take some time for the beltway to get back in shape.
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reid: some live video from times square. the travel ban has been lifted. buses and most trains are now running but officials are urging residents to stay off the rose.
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but -- massive cleanup efforts are in place across the state in preparation for tomorrow morning' s commute. a live look at the white house. the nation' s capital covered in a thick blanket of snow. shutting that cover is going to take some time. aixa diaz takes a look at the cleanup. aixa: we had a beautiful day in washington with people outside working and playing. >> the sun is out in washington, d.c. aixa: sunshine and clear skies a welcome change after 36 hours of pounding snow and strong winds. >> we will work to continue to clear our major arteries. aixa: crews are out plowing roads making progress but still plenty of work left. cars are buried, sidewalks covered. residents are shoveling. and having fun. a huge snowball fight took over dupont circle. at the national mall, snowmen in the making and a patriotic
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>> i was out of town last time. i missed all the fun. aixa: the two washington area airports expect to resume some flights monday. virginia' s governor says area interstates are clear. >> 95, 395, 495, all of our major interstates are open and they' re in good shape. aixa: d.c. schools will stay close tomorrow. subway service will resume on a limited schedule. reid: mike wankum ahead with the change in the winter forecast. why we could see rain next, not so. pressing for votes in new
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reid: a pair new hampshire. governor chris christie is on the campaign trail after making a trip home yesterday to do with a blizzard. he came he made -- today he made three stops. ohio governor john kasich was the other republican pressing for votes in the granite state. adam: the john kasich bus rolled into gostkowksi sunday afternoon. the candidate feeling the lament them he hit the campaign trail milestone. >> 75 town halls. >> look at this turn up. we have got a patriots game. we got another game that no one
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reporter: keeping his event sure to let ptas ats fans get home for the game, he followed questions on environmental policy -- >> what is your take him income inequality? >> the suggestion that bernie might make which is we should take from the rich to give to the poor only in a storybook. my father who t was a mailmen says we do not hate the rich we want to be the. rich. reporter: kasich looks to be in the mix. we asked a senior advisor what a victory for his candidate would look like on february 9. >> we want to make sure we find no supporters and turn them out. where that ranks us, i don' t know. if somebody can crack 20, you are in good shape. reporter: kasich is keeping expectations open-ended. >> they treat, we will know what
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whether we have become a story or not and whether we can continue. all signs are we are on the rise and have momentum. reid: gop front runner donald trump will hold a rally in tomorrow night. take a look at this. bravy may be silly but a snowboarder and a skier -- heading down to new york city, getting a break from all the snow-covered. and enjoying what they are talking about. mike: amazing. this is one of those things like kids, don' t try this at home but if you get good video, we would like to see it. if you do it safely, said it was. reid: they are cutting right to times square. mike: very close to cats. emily: we should not be encouraging reid: we should not be encouraging. right next to a snow plow. amazing stuff. mike: they had a big blizzard.
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record snowfall for the city of new york. that blizzard was awful close to us. look at the wind speeds -- block island, . nantucket and marshfield, 79 mile an hour wind gusts cape anne, 55 mile an hour wind gusts. the heaviest snow we found was through barnstable county. the place that had the most, 15.5 inches of snow. east falmouth not far behind, hyannis not far behind. yarmouth 13 inches. if you look at that part of the country, you will see that this is where we saw the heaviest snow. seem to be running up to the canal and as you got further out a little bit less know. nantucket, a mix going on. if you go through the south shore, it is heavy and plymouth but once you move in lent, we are talking more of a 6-8 inch snowfall total -- as you move in land. sharon picking up 9.8. then as you look in boston, it is going to down officially a
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th went up at 6.9. inland, it drops up to four and five. north and winchester and look at this. by the time we get to 495, there was not much going on. a little dusting. concord, 1.2 wilmington 1.2. it really depending on where you were at. if you are crossed in hampshire you are saying, what storm? tonight we have a deck of clou ds. seat at the end of moisture? on arada arad -- radar i' m picking up a few flurries. i do not think they will survive much more but that storm system is not quite done yet. we have warmer temperatures coming in. beautiful night over the city. cool and crisp. it feels like january. . great night to go for a walk as long as the sidewalks are cleared away.
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temperatures are starting to -- plymouth has dropped off to 22 degrees. . the wind is not stirring things up a little bit. a cold pocket here and there. that means anything that melted today will freeze up. i put blackice into the forecast. some temperatures dropping into the ease. most places will stay in the 20' s. tomorrow, 34-38 degrees. high pressure in control tomorrow. then mild air starts to move in ahead of this cold front. as we head towards tuesday, some nice readings. let' s talk about tomorrow. 36 degrees. maybe some clouds lay in the day but otherwise sunshine. on tuesday, high temperature 48 degrees. most spots will get at least into the mid 40' s. i' m not so convinced that some places might not even touch that 50 degree mark. you notice how i have got some showers in the forecast. as this front come through, it is going to trigger showers late in the day.
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s a weak system. on wednesday, in between the front -- our temperatures in the lower 40' s. this cold air does move in. that is why you' re seeing thursday on the cold side. friday, look at this. another system. this is not a guarantee because most of the computer models are not in agreement. but there is a storm system showing up that may try to work its way up the coast. if that did happen, guess where the most likely place we would over the cape. snow over the weekend. we will keep an eye on that week. ice out there tonight. i' tonight at 11:00. >> n sportscentero 5. reid: patriots and denver ont peyton manning threw his first passes. tom brady different story.
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the denver defense throwing two interceptions. patriots trail 20-12 late in the fourth quarter. bruins with the night after night but they were successful last night taking on the blue jackets. seonc cond period, the bruins a 1-0 lead. his 19th goal of the year. fast for 3.5 minutes, david pasternak finds the back of the net. giving the bruins a quick 2-0 lead. go to overtime, nothing to. a bit of a shootout. 3-2 victory. it is their fourth win five games. the bruins head for a game on monday night in philadelphia. that is where we find the celtics. they beat the bulls friday night. there were supposed to head out last night philadelphia but that until tonight. the celtics left for the game
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they are currently in philly. 76ers have the worst record in the end it having won only 7 games. lynchy is in denver for the patriots-broncos game. we will be there tonight. it starts at 11:35. he will have all the postgame reaction as well is taking a look at the nfc championship game between carolina and arizona. reid: live in denver with mike lynch and bob halloran. at 6:40, it' s abc world news. >> coming up, the epic storm killing nearly two dozen people. now untangling the travel mess. donald trump surging past ted cruz in the latest poll in iowa.
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reid: taking a beautiful shot
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6.1 inches of snow is what the final snow totals will be for boston. we were both talking about how just the difference from a little ways, 45-50 miles. from nothing to over a foot of snow. that is why it is such a forecasting chose. -- challenge. everywhere. coupled with that, with those hurricane force gusts of wind. mike: this was a big storm and most of it stayed from new york city to billy and d. -- and philly and d.c. tomorrow, a lot like today. i do want to caution you with in the morning and the temperatures in teens and 20' s there should -- there could be black ice out there. we start to warm up on tuesday. tuesday i got showers in the forecast. it is not an all-day rain. most of it will be in the afternoon.
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we cool down on wednesday the cold air hits us on tuesday. i' m tracking a storm towards friday that might try to slide of the it is that time of year. there is only one model that is pointing at it but it is a reliable model. behind it we will cool down on saturday and sunday start to warm back up. the week ahead is running above average. reid: i like it a lot. a lot of sunshine. thank you for joining us. abc world news is next nchoose wegmans family pack 1,2,3 you can save 30% or more. nfrom the freshest fruits & veggies to the juiciest chicken & meats. nlet us help you find that perfect balance of size & savings. how can you save 30% or more? sfx: finger snap wegmans family pack. r we do it because
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